The cultivation of hilly terrains in precarious balance for the purpose of obtaining products of excellence requires strong commitment.

To obtain wholesome, choice products, a balance must be achieved between land potential and cultivation method.

There are no books on this topic, but it is a farmer’s daily job to make agronomic choices meant to create and maintain this delicate balance.

The Vineyard

Managing a vineyard entails farsightedness.
Before planting a vineyard, it is necessary to understand the needs of the place and the quality of the grapes that we want to obtain.
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The Olive Grove

The olive tree is generous, rustic, harmonious. It is a plant of rare beauty.
The century-old trees, with their gnarled trunks, express attachment to life.
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The Arable Land

Growing wheat, spelt, barley, broad beans, sunflowers, lentils or any other seed on strictly organic principles compels you to know and imitate the numerous processes normally performed by nature.
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The Woodland

Woodland is commonly considered extraneous to cultivations. Actually, it is quite similar, as it produces firewood or timber, wooden stakes, charcoal and products such as truffles and mushrooms. Read more…