The cellar can be generally divided into different work areas:

area for storage of the bunches in small crates for the production of Vin Santo or special wines; area for grape processing; area with the tanks for the vinification of red grapes; area for the fermentation of white grapes; areas for maturing in wood and bottle ageing; area for bottle storage; area for direct sales.

Most tanks have an internal temperature control system to monitor the vital processes and properly store the wine throughout the year.
The simpler tests are performed in a room also used to skilfully and professionally monitor the olfactory and gustatory evolution of each lot of wine.

The attention paid to the cleanliness of the rooms and containers, the high quality of the grapes used for wine production and the cold processing technology complement our long experience, allowing us to obtain wholesome wines that are stable over time.

Ultimately our work is to make sure that each vineyard fully expresses its potential in terms of quality of the grapes and the wine.